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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(ken) growing concerns tonight over boeing's 737 max 8... after a crash in ethopia killed all 157 people on board. thanks for joining us, im ken wayne.(grant) and im grant lodes in for pam moore. this is the same type of jet that crashed late last year.. killing 189 people near indonesia.. now, as a growing number of arilines ground the boeing jet... the f-a-a is still allowing them to fly... but the agency is ordering changes. (ken) kron4's dan thorn is lvie at san jose mineta international aiport with how travelers are responding.. dan? as the crash investigation continues..lawmakers including senator dianne feinstein are asking the faa to ground all boeing 737 max 8 airplanes until the investigation is complete..and travelers i spoke with are split on the decision.. the federal aviation
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administration has called on boeing to make upgrades to it's 737 max 8 and 9 airplanes following the weekend's deadly crash in ethiopia. however, the faa is not ordering airlines to ground the planes.. sot: i think it's a little too early to rush to judgment and for boeing to ground every single plane on that model.. courtney ray courtney ray flew into san jose from san diego via southwest on a 737 max 8. ray says she felt completely safe and wants to see more information about the investigation..sot: we cannot start a panic among people that travel day in and day out until all of the results of that investigation are in. officials have stressed the investigation has just begun and they don't have enough data to draw conclusions..bay area traveler isamar palos says the planes still being in the air is a bit concerning.. sot: ...that have killed over 150 peopleu-s authorities want the changes made to the flight control system on both models by april.sot: this is the second plane that went down within i want to say the last year and a half. so, i would definitely put them down for a bit. china and indonesia have grounded all boeing 737 max 8 planes..several u.s. airlines are still operating the
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planes. reporting at mineta san jose interational airport dan thorn kron4 news. (grant) a big story tonight... family and friends are mourning the loss of an oakland council woman's son.. after the 21-year-old was shot and killed over the weekend. (ken) victor mcelhaney (mack-el-haney)... the son of oakland councilwoman lynette
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gibson mcelhaney (mack-el- haney)... was shot and killed just a mile away from the u-s-c campus... in what police are saying was an attempted robbery... no arrests have been made in the case. (grant) kron4's j-r stone is live in oakland tonight with the details... j-r? (jr)everyone upset with what happened but at the same time...had nothing but good things to say about this young man. 21 year old victor mcelhaney was remembered monday night at this small private event in west oakland. the son of oakland councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaneywas shot and killed sunday...less than a mile from the university of southern california. the school that victor attended and where he studied music.sot police say that victor was walking down the street just after midnight sunday. it appears that he was the victim of an attempted robbery when a group approached him and shot him. angela wellman says victor used to call her his music mom. she's known him since he was 11. sunday she received a call from his dad about the shooting.sotvictor
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playedthe drums and went from a student at the oakland public conservatory of music to a mentor there. sotin fact even those at usc recognized his talent.sotin a statement councilwoman mcelhaney said " i miss my baby. please keep me, my family, and all of my son's friends in your thoughts and prayers. (j.r.)at least three people are believed to have been involved in this killing down in los angeles. at this point no arrests have been made. live in oakland j.r. stone kron 4 news. (grant) happening now in the happening
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(grant) 4 news.j.r. stone kron live in oakland j.r. stone kron 4 news. (grant) happening (grant) happening now in the north bay...curbside debris collection started today for russian river communities devastated by flooding. people are told to put flood debris in three separate piles. one for appliances, metals, and other recyclables. another for household hazardous waste. and the third pile is everything else.. pick-up by local waste haulers will take place today through friday, with a final sweep for remaining items next week. last week -- county officials declared a local
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health emergency and funded the clean-up. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and karnow: it was lawrence clean-up. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day all the way to the coast. it was a little warmer too with highs in the 50s and 60s. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar but we are still seeing some rain in southern california. tonight will be mostly clear and cold. lows will be 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. highs will be in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure will build in on wednesday and temperatures will begin to warm. by next weekend we could see highs in the 70s.
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(grant) two people are dead after a shooting at a busy shopping mall in the north bay. and tonight we are learning it involved an estranged married couple. police say the tragic incident was a murder-suicide... it happened this morning in the parking lot of the codding- town mall in santa rosa. that's right off of highway 101 and guerneville road. kron 4's dan kerman reports. a tragic scene in the parking lot at the coddingtown mall in santa rosa... police say about 830 in the morning a man walked up to his wife white suv and shot her multiple times, killing her.sot lt. john cregan/santa rosa police :11trheyve been estranged for several months the husband was trying to revive themarriage in the last few weeks the wife said she wanted a divorce and it appears this was purely a domestic violence incidentone of the bullets hit the side mirror of this mazda barely missing a woman who was getting into it. sotit was a scary scene for sure there was a nearby occupaont getting into her vehicle and a stray round struck her vehicle but
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no one else was hurt in the parking lotpolice say the husband then got in his car and drove 2 blocks away to the coddingtontown mall apartments where he had been staying and killed himselfsotofficers responded to that scene and located a decesaesd male sitting in the drivers seat ofa vehicle with a handgun on his lap the couple had been married 27 years and had 4 children ages 8 to 25. 101/eight to twenty five standup dan kerman/santa rosa 101we asked police if there had been any history of violence between the two or any restraining order issued. they are still investigating.. in santa rosa, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) san francisco mayor london breed introduced the city's new public defender today. the appointment comes after the death of former long time public defender jeff adachi. manohar raju says he is humbled to lead this office to the next level. raju has been a public defender for 18 years, 11 of which was spent at the san francisco public defenders office. he currently manages the felony division. mayor london breed says there was a
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lot of solid candidates, but picked raju as she believes his experience will help him create change in the criminal justice system. raju says his office is still mourning the loss of jeff adachi, but he's excited for this opportunity. (ken) raju will fill the role of public defender until the election in november in which we will be able to vote if he keeps this role for the if he keeps this role for the next three years. (grant) tense moments at the oakland airport over the weekend... a standoff between a man armed with a knife and a deputy armed with a handgun... the alameda county sheriff's office says the suspect wanted to kill a deputy.. when it was over... the suspect was arrested without anyone being injured. and deputies credit the deputy's de- escalation training and you
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can see that training on full display in this video from sunday morning's incident. deputies say the use of words... and body language... we're critical to calming things down. (grant) deputies receive de- escalation training and crisis intervention training year round in alameda county. (ken) police in oakland are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a bar downtown. it happened last night at the liege spirits lounge on ninth street. officers say one man was killed and another was injured, but is expected to be okay. right now police do not have any information on the shooter. (ken) a man armed with an ice pick allegedly stabbed a woman in san francisco's soma
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neighborhood friday... in an unprovoked attack. police say the stabbing happened just before 4 p-m near fifth and harrison streets. the suspect allegedly walked up to a 35-year-old woman and stabbed her for no reason according to police. the woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police were able to arrest the suspect and identifed his as 40-year-old sean carsetti. police say its not known if the suspect and the victim knew each other. carsetti is being held without bail on suspicion of attempted murder. (grant) police in mountain view have stopped what could have been a horrific situation at google. a man from maine threatened the company and traveled across the country to meet with company executives about taking his youtube channel down.(ken) as kron4's michelle kingston reports -- that man was arrested without incident on highway 101 with three baseball bats in his car. (mk)33 year old kyle long arrested on sunday after
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making threats against google ... traveling from waterville maine to mountain view california to confront the company.katie nelson, mountain view police dept. spokeswoman "they learned that kyle was upset at google and at youtube for shutting down his youtube channel allegedly because it was demonetizing his videos and he was losing money." mountain view police say they first learned about kyle on friday after he was involved in a car accident and vandalized a gas station restroom in iowa.on sunday -- they were told that he was in california and threatened physical violence if his meeting with google didn't go well.they say kyle told iowa state troopers he was on his way to mountain view because google shut down his youtube channel.katie nelson, mountain view police dept. spokeswoman "i think there's a lot of 'what ifs' here, what could've happened and that's obviously the scariest part for a lot of people is you just don't know if this hadn't happened, what could've happened and with a lot of other incidences around the country involving campuses and protection of people we are just glad we were able to make this stop."just last year -- a suspected female shooter opened fire on youtube employees in san bruno -- wounding three workers -- before killing herself.
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mountain view police say this year, for this incident, they had a lot more information and are pleased they were able to stop long before anyone got hurt.katie nelson, mountain view police dept. spokeswoman "we are very aware that this is something that could potentially happen again and just the benefit of having a great working relationship with google is highly beneficial."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"when police pulled long over -- they found three baseball bats in his truck. he is being held on 25-thousand dollar bail. we reached out to google for comment, but they didn't want to mountain view, michelle kingston, kron 4 news." (grant) a c-h-p mtorcycle officer is recovering tonight after being involved in a crash with another driver on highway 101 on the peninsula... it happened in san mateo this morning around 10 a-m... this is video of the scene... and officers shut down the freeway for about three hours while they investigated... police say the other driver stayed with the officer and is cooperating with investigators. the officer's injuries are considered major but not
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life-threatening. (ken) a computer network failure -- that's what caused all bart trains to be out of service for three hours saturday morning.. (grant bart officials originally thought scheduled maintenance on the systems caused the outage -- but they quickly determined that was not the cause.. kron 4's noelle bellow has more on why there are still more questions to be answered why were we vulnerable to the system failure, we have redundancies in place so why didn't they work or what went wrong to cause the redundencies not to workbart communications manager alicia trost says they're not lost on the impact saturday's shutdown had on its riders. saturday we typically get 150k riders -- this was only for 3 hours in the morning so it was just a tiny fraction of that, but it was still people who neeed to get to work and other important placesriders headed to work or the airport that mroning, were instead given free rides on bus bridges - connecting them to their final destination, but not without delay.(eric enberg)we ride bart often, most every week every two weekseric engberg is hoping a definitive answer comes soonthe concern is that they really understand what caused it of course so it
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doesn't happen again during commute hourstrost is hoping that doesn't happen either.. on saturday engineers had to reset more than 100 different locations in the field.. they know the glitch was software related, and that it was specifically one switch that caused the train systems to stall. but what they don't know is how. we have sent the data to cisco which is who provides the computer network and the system and they are performing a comprehensive forensic analysis of exactly what happened so we have a better idea of what happened if anythign needs to be fixed so it doesnt happena gain(tony walker)hopefully they get it together cuz it's my main choice of transportation despite saturday's glitch, most riders aren't too phased.. laurel gonzalesi'm not concerned they have issues sometimes, but they're pretty quick with resolving itit's working today so,... you know how these thigns go.. hopefully they get it together now bart says they don't know whether this issue could happen while trains are in service.. that's soemthign they hope to understand better once the analysis comes back.. but they do know when systems fail they fail in a safe mode -- meaning bart riders safety would not be in jeopardy. when everything stalled saturday,
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though it was inconvenient it's exactly what the system is designed to do. in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. (ken) in national news... president news... in national (ken) (ken) in national news... president trump's newly released budget appears to be dead on arrival on capitol hill. (grant) the white house is asking for 8 billion dollars to build a border wall. but democrats are promising to block the effort. (ken) our mark meredith is in washington with the latest. president trump's 4.7 trillion dollar budget calls for cuts to domestic programs like medicare and medicaidsharp increases in defense spending.
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"it starts a conversation with congress..."russ vought is the white house's acting budget director.he says the proposal also includes an extra eight billion dollars for a border wall...and nearly 4-billion to pay back money snatched from military construction part of the president's national emergency..."we're taking steps with the national emergency to find pots of money to be used towards the wall, we also think its necessary to backfill some of those accounts"congressional democrats say much of the budget, including the wall request, will simply fail in speaker nancy pelosi urges suggests the president revisit recent history.pelosi wrote quote: "congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again."but the white house says border security is just a small fraction of the budget which aims to cut xx from domestic programs. including welfare"this budget expands on the concept of work requirements, applies them to food stamps, to medicaid"congress will begin hearings on the president's budget requests this washington, i'm mark meredith. (grant) in world news...
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seventeen people have died in venezuala's massive power outage. as of yesterday, 16 states continue to be completely without power, while 6 had partial power. electricity was cut to 70- percent of the south american nation late last week. juan guai-do, venezuela's self-declared interim president said today he will call for a state of national emergency. rampant inflation and food scarcity have gripped the country under preident nicolas maduro and thousands have fled to neighboring countries as shortages, politicial turmoil and crime rates have soared. blackouts have become a daily occurrence as the economic crisis has worsened, but this is the worst it's been. maduro told his supports that progress for restoring the power was put off track by an international
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cyber attack. (grant) today dozens of venezuelans were seen filling large bottles of water to meet their needs. this water from the main river is contaimined, but there is a pipe where springs of clean water flow ... that they intend to boil and use to cook. and within the last hour, secretary of state mike pompeo says the u-s is pulling the last of its staff from the embassy in venezuela, citing
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the deteriorating situation. (ken) still ahead... for almost 30 years, she was called jane doe. now police say they've idenfed her. how new technology played a role. (grant) plus... sacramento is still truing to come together as a commuinity, after no charges were filed in the police shooting of stephon clark.. and today u-c medical staff staging their own kind of protest. (ken) and after the break... there are new cases of measles in the united states... and the c-d-c says another state has been added to the list. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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new cases of the measles are on the rise... that's according to the c-d-c... (grant) the agency says there are at least 228 cases of at least 228 cases of measles have been reported across the u-s this year... there are cases in 12 states now, including california, new york and texas. two of the larger outbreaks are in washington state and new york. people in oregon, hawaii and georgia were infected in washington. and new york reports eleven new cases stemming from an outbreak after an un-vaccinated resident became infected abroad. the disease was eliminated in the u-s in 2000 but is common in many other countries, which is how the current outbreaks started. (ken) parents might want to check their pantries... conagra is recalling almost three-thousand pounds of microwavable chef boyardee products-- and it's all because of mislabeling and
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unlisted allergens. the products are labeled chicken and rice. but they actually contain beef ravioli. as a result, they may contain milk and wheat that is not listed on the label. the products were produced and packaged in mid-january... the u-s-d-a says so far no one has reported getting sick from them. (grant) coming up... we take a look at what all this rain is doing to the uvas reservoir where creeks have turned into waterfalls. (ken) and the winter weather has brought a plethora of pot holes. we'll show you how san francisco road crews are trying to keep up (lawrence)ten at ten
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (ken) vacaville police
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say they now know the identity of a woman they've been calling jane doe for almost 30 years.(grant) kron4's maureen kelly explains how new technology has helped them make a break in the case. it was here that this mystery started 28 years ago.back in april of 1991 some contruction crews breaking ground here at the premium outlet mall off nut tree road in vacaville came across the body of a woman.police have been trying to identify her since then... she had been dead a few weeks when they found her the only fingerprint they could get from her was unusable until now....let's roll some video of the picture of who police say is cynthia merkley aka cynthia bilardi.police say the department of justice decided to scan that old fingerprint into the fbi database....because the fbi now has new imaging software
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that could a better read on that print.....and because of that they were able to get a hitpolice say merkley was 38 years old when she died.there was no sign of foul play but the cause of death could not be determined so police have been considering this a suspicious death case.... now they are looking for anyone who can help them figure out how she died.we have a name but now we have to figure out the person behind the name, so we've reached out and found an ex-husband, we've identified what we believe to be six kids, not sure if there's more, but all the family members we spoke to she's a strange from all of them and they couldn't provide any additional leads to what was going on in her life at that time so here we are reaching out to the community, maybe there's another family member out there or a friend out there who knew what was going on with cynthia at the time of her death they know she had been living between santa rosa and santa cruz....she'd been arrested in both those locations....this is an old mug shot from the early 80's. merkley has no connection to vacaville that they know while this case is a little less mysterious since they know now the identity of jane doe....they area still a lot of questions that vacaville pd say need answering.maureen kelly kron4 news
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kron4 news turning now to weather lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day all the way to the coast. it was a little warmer too with highs in the 50s and 60s. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar but we are still seeing some rain
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in southern california. tonight will be mostly clear and cold. lows will be 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. highs will be in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure will build in on wednesday and temperatures will begin to warm. by next weekend we could see highs in the 70s. (grant) the first sunshine in days finds people out and about and trying to forget the
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rain. but as kron four's rob fladeboe shows us, that's hard to do in a place where the rain has turned a creek into a string of waterfalls. nats (water falls)you are looking at what happens when what is otherwise a babbling brook in the redwoods comes to life in especially wet winters like this one. the string of waterfalls along uvas creek here in uvas canyon county park west of morgan hill are at their peak and attracting plenty of visitors like lucy vogellucy vogel/visitoryear to date rainfall here in uvas canyon is at 56.61 inches so far. that's about150 percent of normal. downstream, uvas reservoir is full. uvas and the other santa clara valley reservoirs are at 101-percent of their seasonal averagessays the district's marty grimes. marty grimes/santa clara vallet water districtin the wettest years, more than 100 inches of rain can fall here in the greater uvas canyon watershed. those are rain forest numbers. the first sunshine in days attracted many visitors.visitorat one ofthe falls, i came upon what looked like a scene from lord of the rings or some other fantasy. it was just free lance photographer beata becla photographing her friend ivona wiczuk backdrop that only comes along every so often. patryk becla/photographer's son in uvas canyon near morgan hill rob fladeboe kron4news
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(ken) san francisco
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streets took a beating during recent winter storms. in february alone, city workers filled more than five time more potholes that it typically does during dryer months. the san francisco public works pothole repair crews will be working throughout the weekend to patch the citys streets for a safer ride. public works fills about 350 potholes during a typical dry month.. but when it rains that number explodes. this past february crews have filled almost 18-hundred potholes. crews will be working up to 12 hour shifts on some of the more heavily traveled streets, including 19th avenue, park presidio boulevard and lombard strret. they will also be responding to service requests that have come through the citys 311 center. (grant) in hawaii, firefighters are battling a large wildfire on the west side of the island of oahu. firefighters are using two licopters to help stop it. fire officials could not give an estimate on the number of acres that have burned or what percentage of the fire has been contained. it started yesterday morning... and at its peak, the fire
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burned within a few hundred feet of homes. hundred feet within a few hundred feet of homes. some homeowners say they had to leave homes at a moments notice.
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allowed to use deadly force to defend a person or another person, not property."we will assume that it's deadly force would be appropriate, when someone breaks into your house, 'cause that's your home.>(ken) the san joaquin county district attorney's office says it is waiting for the police report and the autopsy... and after they review the files they will determine if they will charge the two men. for now, no charges have been filed. (grant) more protests today in sacramento over the officer-involved deadly shooting of stephon clark. this time, some doctors and medical students got involved. (ken) our sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the message the group hopes to send. an abnormal scene at the uc davis hospital center monday.. dozens of doctors, medical students and staff staged a die-in. ((spencer may -medical student) "we take an oath as medical students to do no harm, to cure illness, treat injuries, to comfort the afflicted. we are here to stand with our community." current and future doctors in their scrubs and white coats
10:38 pm
laid on the ground for 12 minutes.. they say each minute represents a month without justice for stephon clark. community members now urging the police chief and city manager to fire the two officers who shot and killed clark..
10:39 pm
people gathered in sacramento over the weekend for a prayer rally.... and to let their voices be heard about the controversial decision... the rally following a tense week of protests with demonstrators making their voices heard and demanding justice for clark. (grant) critics of a new report on law enforcement and racial profiling are questioning whether it's an accurate representation of what is actually happening. the 90-page report compiles self-reported data from police and sheriff's departments across california. for instance, in 2017 the sacramento county sheriff's department handled 325 complaints.just 10 involved profiling. the sacramento police department reported only 18 complaintssaying none dealt with profiling. the naacp doesn't see the report as an accurate representation of what's really going on.
10:40 pm
they are doing things. are we not worth it? are we as black people not worth it documenting those stops? come on.">
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> (ken) youth spirit artworks will continue building next month. organizers say 12 more houses will be built in august and september. (grant) still ahead.. a town is hailing two boys as heroes when they stepped up as their bus driver was having a medical emergency. (ken) and how a picture of a shop owner helped send sales through the roof. (sports) just ahead in sports, nfl free agency off and running... we'll recap the top signings of the day and tell you how the raiders and 49ers aren't afraid to be big spenders. and also, the gaels from st. mary's working toward a showdown with gonzaga in the conference title game. highlights comin up.
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(grant) business is booming for a new donut shop in texas, all thanks to the power of social media and the owners' son. billly by posted on twitter saturday that quote "my dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop." he shared a photo of the empty store and parking lot. the tweet got more than 254-thousand likes and 147-thousand retweets. some people encouraged locals to visit the shop and they listened.
10:45 pm
told them we were closed and i just told them to come tomorrow morning. i guess they followed through.">(grant) by said he was by said he (grant) by said he (grant) by said he was overwhelmed by all the support he got just from a couple of tweets. (ken) after (ken) (ken) after sitting untouched in storage for almost 50 years, lunar samples collected buring the final three apollo missions are going to be studied. nasa says the samples from allos 15, 16 and 17 have never been exposed to the earth's atmosphere... one is from the moon's core, and it was delivered to earth in a vacuum-sealed tube in 1972. the other samples have been kept frozen or stored helium. nasa says this reseach can prepare them for the next ploration of the moon and beyond. (grant) two boys in idaho
10:46 pm
are being called heroes... for saving their bus driver's life. (ken) as anna silver explains, a normal ride home from school could have gone very differently if these boys hadn't jumped into action. on february twenty-seventh, larry borchardd says he was on a routine route to drive west canyon elementary students home when he got a massive headache and lost his vision. larry borchard, bus driver: "the last thing i really remember is trying to get the bus parked and safely take care of the kids."that's when these two young boys sprang into to action.tyler thompson, fifth grader: "i went up there and i said, hey larry, you ok? jacob farris, fourth grader: "it was just a normal bus ride and my friend larry had a little heart attack or a stroke."jacob farris says he knew there was only one thing to do.jacob farris, fourth grader: : "i was thinking of the criminal justice shows and then i was thinking 9-1-1 and i'm telling them call it now." the boys say they they stayed on the phone with dispatch to tell them where they were they've been honored for their bravery with
10:47 pm
coins from first responders at a special assembly.tyler thompson, fifth grader: "he's so nice to me and he's amazing bus driver."jacob farris, fourth grader: "i feel happy and i missed him, he's my best friend."and the feeling goes both ways.larry borchard, bus driver: "they're my heroes. i get very emotional when i talk about them and what they did, they did for me you know, and i was trying to do what was best for them." we'll start with one bay area school that's trying to get back to the dance-- randy the dance--to get back to that's trying area school with one bay we'll start best for them."to do what was and i was trying me you know, and i was trying to do what was best for them." we'll start with one bay area school that's trying to get back to the dance-- randy bennett and his st.
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mary's gaels. --the squad from moraga... facing san diego in the semifinals of the west coast conference tourney --we pick it up in the 2nd half-- gaels up 3... jordan ford...cuts to the rim and the foul!.... what a game for the junior... 21-points to lead st. mary's. --still tight down the stretch, 1-16 to go, gaels up 5....isaiah wright...deliver s for the torreros. makes it a 2-point game --and usd had a chance to take the lead... less than a minute to go, isaiah pineiro...corner 3 is no good... --gaels pad it out with free throws... and st mary's wins 69-62... they'll face top-ranked gonzaga tomorrow night. now to the sharks, who are looking up to no one in western conference standings --sharkies in minnesota. --brent burns... taking on the franchise that traded him to san jose 7 years ago... --2nd period... barclay goodrow deflects marc-eduoard vlasic's shot from the point into the net... 1-0 sharks --3rd period... still 1-0... sharks with the 2-on-1... and tomas hertl puts it away... stick side.... beautiful!... 2-0 sharks --martin
10:49 pm
jones... unstoppable... 24 saves... 3rd shutout of the season... he is the first goalie in san jose history with four straight 30-win seasons final score... 3-0 sharks... they are in winnipeg... tomorrow night switching gears to the nfl-- free agency picking up fast... and the silver and black arent wasting any time. according to reports, the team has signed former patriots left tackle trent brown... to a 4-four year contract worth 66-million dollars, 36-million of which is guaranteed. --it's the richest deal for a lineman in the nfl.. and this will mark brown's 2nd-stint in the bay area... as he was drafted by the 49ers in 2015... then traded to new england where he was protecting tom brady's blind side. --it's the 2nd big signing for the raiders... as they got antonio brown from pittsburgh for a 3rd and 5th round draft pick... --and reports came out tonight... that they are signing former rams safety lamarcus joyner. (wipe to 49ers) and the 49ers are also opening up the bank account... reports say san francisco has reached a deal with former buccaneers linebacker kwon
10:50 pm
alexander... 54-million- dollar contract paid out over four years, 27-million in years, 27-out over four years, 27-million in guaranteed money. said to be the largest deal in history for an inside linebacker. --the 24-year- old is productive as a pass-rusher, but there are already concerns about his health... since he missed most of last season with a torn acl suffered in october. elsewhere in the free agency news cycle, nick foles has found a new home. the super bowl mvp and eagles backup quarterback will now be the franchise qb of the jacksonville jaguars... at the price of 50-million- dollars guaranteed over four years. --despite his success, this move was expected to come eventually since philadelphia is committed to carson wentz as its starting qb. finally, we end with the warriors, who lost to the suns last night, but the other headline to emerge from the game... steve kerr's remarks about one of his players. the lip-readers pounced on this one...when kerr was seen appearing to use a couple explitives when talking about draymond green... saying i am so (blank-ing) tired of
10:51 pm
draymond's (blank). at warriors practice this morning, kerr did not elaborate on the matter or if he had discussed it with green, however, he has his own interpretation of what was said. no, the lip- readers were wrong, what i differ with draymond's approach tonight. those were my exact words. i d (weather) (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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10:54 pm
in entertainment news.. there was no question which movie would top the weekend box office... only how high it would soar. david daniel has the detials. "alita: battle angel" fought its way to a fourth straight weekend in the top five, earning three-point-two million dollars. "the lego movie two: the second part" stayed in fourth place, taking in three-point-eight million dollars. 12-point-one million dollars put "a madea family funeral" in a solid third place."legends tell of ships that sailed too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world."after two weekends on top, "how to train your dragon: the hidden world" settled for second place: 14-point-seven million dollars gave the animated adventure a
10:55 pm
domestic total of 120-million. (nat-action)"captain marvel" arrived with plenty of power! the first marvel super-hero movie with a solo female lead opened even higher than expected: 153-million dollars, easily the best debut of the year, and the seventh-best opening in marvel history. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (grant) the u-s women's national soccer team and nike have unveiled the new uniforms for this summer's world cup. the new collection is a nod to the team's past championships and the american spirit. the home uniform is all white... with a striped sleeve cuff, like those worn by american soccer greats bay area native brandi bay area native soccer greats david daniel.hollywood, i'm david daniel. (grant) the u-s women's national soccer team and nike have unveiled the new uniforms for this summer's world cup. the new collection is a nod to the team's past championships and the american spirit. the home uniform is all white... with a striped sleeve cuff, like those worn by american soccer greats bay area native brandi chastain, stanford alum julie foudy and mia hamm. the shirt also features three stars above the
10:56 pm
crest -- honoring the 1991, 1999 and 2015 world titles. the back panel is the back panel is formed with the words of all 50 states. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day all the way to the coast. it was a little warmer too with highs in the 50s and 60s. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar but we are still seeing some rain in southern california. tonight will be mostly clear and cold. lows will be 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. highs will be in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure will build in on wednesday and temperatures will begin to warm. by next weekend we could see highs in the 70s.
10:57 pm
kron on coninutes next... terisa estacio has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron-on app today. kron on coninutes next... terisa estacio has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron-on app today. visit kron on dot tv to the ross spring dress event is here-finally!
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